Wesley Colley

Wesley Colley

Why are you the better candidate for the office you’re seeking? What will you do better or differently than the incumbent?

My twenty-two years work experience at various jobs and positions has created a mindset focused on customer service. My work experience has mostly been in the private sector with the last four years spent working in the Jackson County Tax Commissioner’s office. I have learned through my variety of work experience the importance of setting and completing goals, time management, and the necessity of proper communication. In addition to my work experience I have a degree in Consumer Economics from the University of Georgia. My time at UGA taught me how to learn complex subjects and how to apply those subjects in a practical manner. I know what is important to me and my county, and how I want to lead. There are many things I would like to improve and do differently. First, I want to cross train all employees to cut down on wait times. This would also create a more knowledgeable staff. Second, all phone calls will be answered or returned in a timely manner. Third, I want every guest in our office to know what they need to complete their business and why, especially if they have to leave the office and come back.

The COVID virus has dramatically affected the entire world, including our local community. How would you use this public position to help the community in the coming weeks and months?

I would start by rotating employees for each department in order to have someone available during office hours to answer questions, to process mail and online renewals, and distribute funds to entities. Second, I would install a drop box with direct access into our office. Third, I would add a tag kiosk for Motor Vehicle renewals. With an off-site kiosk residents could renew tags and get tag decals in a matter of minutes. As much as we love helping people in the office, I understand sometimes you can’t make it in during office hours, especially during difficult times.

One of the likely impacts of the virus in the coming year will be to cut revenues coming into local governments. That will likely force some cuts in local government spending. Where would you propose making those cuts and what areas of local government should not be cut?

For the Tax Commissioner’s office I have never been involved with the budget therefore I can only answer in theory. I would start by looking at the contract for software and any other contracted services to see if equal or better services can be offered by vendors. For any other departments that is a question that should be answered by the department heads, the Board of Commissioners, and County Manager. I would not try to involve myself with offices outside my own.

What is the most important issue you see that involves the position you are running for?

I feel it is the focus on customer service and treating everyone with respect. All communications courteous and professional! I will commit to always being available and having order in the office. We need more structure and consistency in the day to day operations. A focus on customer service also includes communication. We have to be better with customers, letting them know what they need and why. I will be there to offer the best service possible to all residents of Jackson County. I care about people more than anything. I will be a consistent leader and demand excellence.

Tell voters about yourself and your background:

My name is Wesley Colley, and I want to introduce myself to you as a candidate for Jackson County Tax Commissioner. I have lived in Jackson County my entire life, including graduating from JCCHS in 2000. I earned my Consumer Economics degree in 2005 from The University of Georgia, the same year I married my wonderful wife Crystal. I have twenty-two years work experience of which four years were spent in the Jackson County Tax Commissioner’s Office. Previous jobs that have prepared me for this position include being a Bank Teller at Wachovia and working at Akins Ford in the Accounting Department. My experiences also include helping coach multiple sports at the middle school and high school levels. I enjoy watching movies, listening to podcasts, and studying leadership. Most importantly, I love spending time with family and friends. I have been blessed with many wonderful people in my life. I want to thank everyone who has been there to support me. I’m asking for your vote June 9th in the Republican Primary for Tax Commissioner. You can reach me by email at colleyfortaxcommissioner@gmail.com or on Facebook at Wesley Colley for Tax Commissioner.


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