A city-initiated rezoning of 21 properties in Hoschton raised a number of questions from area residents at a recent public meeting.

The Hoschton Planning and Zoning Commission voted Sept. 26 to recommend approving rezoning the properties — located on West Jefferson St. and Bell Ave. — from R-2 to R-3. The Hoschton City Council will take final action on the matter at its October meeting.

Planning and zoning director Justin Kilgore said the properties have been zoned R-2 for several years and that the proposed rezonings are simply clerical changes aimed at getting the properties into compliance.

Kilgore said the changes will reduce the setbacks on the properties, allowing homeowners more usable space on their land. Setbacks would be reduced to 25 feet on the front property line (down from 35-feet); 10 feet on the sides (down from 15-ft.); and 10 feet on the rear (down from 20-ft.).

But the rezoning raised questions from a number of area residents, from drainage concerns, to the impact on utilities, to the allowed uses on the property. (Only single-family developments are permitted. No townhomes, duplexes or apartments are allowed.)


The planning and zoning commission also voted to recommend approving:

•an update to residential and commercial size requirements to make them more conformed with standard lot widths.

•an update to townhouse requirements, requiring a 2,400 sq. ft. minimum.

•a scrivener's error that resulted in incorrect information in the town's zoning documents.

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