Travelers on some roads in Jackson County may want to slow down soon.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners approved lowering the speed limit on several county roads from 55-miles-per-hour to 45-mph at its meeting July 20.

Those roads include:

•Berea Rd.

•Crooked Creek Rd.

•Davenport Rd.

•Erastus Church Rd.

•Holiday Cemetery Rd.

•Lavender Rd.

•Old Airport Rd.

•Thompson Mill Rd.

•Wilson Cemetery Rd.

County manager Kevin Poe said there have been complaints of speeding on those roads.

Commissioner Ralph Richardson Jr. requested adding McNeal Rd. to the list. Poe said they’re working to get that road added to the Georgia Department of Transportation’s list of radar enforced roads (the other roads are not radar enforced).


Other items approved by the BOC at its July 20 meeting included:

•a resolution to adopt the Urban Redevelopment Plan.

•the second phase of a paving and drainage project at the Jackson County Airport. A contract was awarded to C & S Construction and Consulting, Inc., for $663,000. The county is eligible for reimbursement of some of the funds by the GDOT when funding is available.

•a capacity agreement with the Georgia Department of Corrections.

•adding “no thru trucks” signs on sections of Bob Wages Rd., Jesse Cronic Rd., Payneville Rd. and Thompson Mill Rd.

•adopting policies for the use of the Jackson County Historic Courthouse and the county Ag Facility.

•agreement renewals with the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission for transportation services for the county’s senior center and Department of Human Services.

•increasing tipping fees by $2 per ton for the solid waste transfer station to help offset operating and capital improvement costs. Poe said the county has seen a 150% increase in the amount of waste coming in the past five years. This is the second increase the county has implemented this year after raising the rate by $3-$4 per ton in March.

•purchasing a yard spotter truck for the transfer station totaling $40,000.

•entering a 2-year lease agreement for a Caterpillar wheel loader for the transfer station, which will total $140,000.


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