Gina Roy, Joel Logan

Jackson County GIS director Joel Logan (right) and assistant county manager Gina Roy (left) gave an update on growth in the county to the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jackson County has been booming with new homes over the past couple years. But that could slow due to a lack of approved building lots, officials said last week.

In a presentation to the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce, assistant county manager Gina Roy and GIS director Joel Logan said the county had used up just about all its approved building lots.

"We're running out of residential lots to build on," Logan said. "Close to every existing subdivision is either close to being built out or built out in Jackson County."

That is quite a change from the Great Recession when construction went into a deep slump. Building permits cratered in 2011 to just 49 for the year, down from the record of 1,336 in 2006.

Roy said that during the recession, the county had 40 months worth of building lots, many in defunct subdivisions.

"Now I would question how many months we have," she said.

So far in 2020, the county has had 656 residential building permits.

Commerce is seeing a lot of residential construction starting to happen, Roy said. Pendergrass is also seeing a lot of residential growth.

Logan said the census estimates for the county are low, based on the data his office has collected. He said his estimate put the county at 77,800 people. 


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