High school students in the Jackson County School System will have a new schedule next year.

The system is moving toward an A-B block schedule with students taking seven classes, but on alternating days. High school students will begin class at 7:45 a.m. and end at 2:30 p.m. Each day under the plan will have four 90-minute blocks.

No schedule changes are expected for elementary or middle school students.


SPLOST funds coming into the county school system boomed in January with the largest single month's net in the system's history according to a report presented to the Jackson County Board of Education Feb. 6.

Over $805,300 was collected in January for December sales, the first time SPLOST has generated over $800,000 in a single month. The system has averaged around $682,000 per month over the last 12 months.

The additional funding comes at a critical time for the system as it faces large construction costs for a new high school and to reconfigure the existing Jackson County Comprehensive High School into a college and career academy.


The BOE is also considering the creation of a safety and security supervisor position in the school system to oversee a myriad of school safety projects.

Like most school systems, the Jackson County system has put a great deal of emphasis on school safety plans and technology in recent years following a spate of deadly school shootings around the country. A supervisor of safety would oversee not only those plans, but also fire and weather related safety issues.

The BOE will vote on the plan in March.


In action Feb. 10, the BOE approved:

• a credit change order for the new high school from Allied Paving.

• spending $250,000 from SPLOST funds to purchase additional Chromebooks.


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