Northeast Georgia Health System saw a continued decline in the number of COVID-19 patients it was treating during the past week.

As of Feb. 22, NGHS was treating 109 positive COVID patients with 27 of those at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton. That’s down from last week (Monday, Feb. 15), when the hospital system was treating 160 COVID patients with 47 of those at NGMC Braselton.

NGHS has seen a steady decline in the number of COVID patients over the past month. Last month (Jan. 22), NGHS was treating 306 COVID patients with 80 of those at NGMC Braselton.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the hospital has reported 899 deaths.

NGHS also continues to administer vaccines, with 5,724 first doses and 4,956 second doses given to hospital employees.

The hospital is also administering vaccines to those eligible in the community. NGHS has given 6,804 first doses and 2,835 second doses to community members so far.


Hall County is now reporting slightly less new cases in the last two weeks per 100,000 residents than the state average. Braselton’s other three counties remained slightly higher than the state average.

Details include:

•State: 806,119 cases; 14,689 confirmed deaths and 2,146 probable deaths; 31,119 new cases over the last two weeks (287 per 100,000 residents)

•Barrow: 7,864 cases; 113 confirmed deaths and one probable death; 317 new cases in the last two weeks (367 per 100,000)

•Gwinnett: 79,278 cases; 871 confirmed deaths and 59 probable deaths; 2,980 new cases in the last two weeks (307 per 100,000)

•Hall: 23,598 cases; 369 confirmed deaths and 23 probable deaths; 511 new cases in the last two weeks (248 per 100,000)

•Jackson: 7,887 cases; 117 confirmed deaths and 11 probable deaths; 236 new cases in the last two weeks (316 per 100,000).

Meanwhile, the nation reached a grim milestone this week, surpassing 500,000 COVID deaths across the country since the start of the pandemic.


Vaccines continue being administered across Braselton’s four-county area. Details by county include:

•Barrow: 5,611 vaccines administered (7,103 per 100,000)

•Gwinnett: 72,110 vaccines administered (7,880 per 100,000)

•Hall: 46,232 vaccines administered (23,271 per 100,000)

•Jackson: 4,127 vaccines administered (6,079 per 100,000)


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