virus update 2

The number of Covid cases in Jackson County remained high over the last week as a local surge continued.

According to some health data, the county is reaching a tipping point in cases.

Total deaths now stand at 44 with four additional deaths probable from the virus.

Among the key data points, the county now has a rate of 368 cases per 100,000 people (over a two week period), one of the highest rates in Northeast Georgia. The overall state rate is lower at 213 per 100,000.

In addition, the county set a new high in the rate of positive tests at 15.4 over a 7-day average. That eclipses the county's earlier high rate of 14.5 set on Aug. 2.

A third indicator, the 7-day average of new positive cases per day, is also trending up hitting 20.4 per day, the highest rate of new infections since September.

To date, the county has had 2,638 confirmed cases with 217 people hospitalized.

In local school system reports, most data has remained flat or down with the exception of East Jackson Middle School which saw a huge jump in Covid contact last week. Nearly 16% of students and staff had been in close contact with a COVID case. Overall, the system reported 299 students and staff members in quarantine due to exposure.

The Jefferson School System also saw an increase last week with 4.7% of its students (185) absent due to Covid exposure.

The Commerce City School System reported no quarantines due to Covid exposure.


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