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Deaths from the COVID virus continue to mount in Jackson County, reaching a total of 27 as of Sept. 6. The most recent death was recorded on Sept. 4.

On a rate basis, Jackson County is moderate compared to other counties in the state with a rate of 36.1 deaths per 100,000 population since the virus hit the state in March.

In Northeast Georgia, the county with the highest rate of deaths is Habersham County with a rate of 141 deaths per 100,000 and Stephens County with a rate of 106 per 100,000.

The hardest hit area of the state in deaths has been in South Georgia where the death rate has been as high as 400 per 100,000 in some counties.

A breakdown of Jackson County's deaths show that most have been female (59%) and most have been over the age of 70 (78%).

Four deaths have been of African-Americans, a rate of 15% compared to a county population of 7% Black. One Asian death has been reported.

Around 48% of the deaths were to those having underlying medical conditions.

The youngest death was of a 48-year-old male.


As the number of deaths slowly climbs, the total number of positive cases also remains high.

The seven-day rolling average was 25.1 confirmed cases per day on average as of Sept. 6. That is just below the county's highest rate of 25.9 per day in August.

Around 8-10 percent of all COVID tests come back positive in Jackson County, but that has varied between 6% up to 15% and higher on any given day.

Total confirmed cases in the county as of Sept. 6 was 1,652 with 133 people hospitalized from the virus since March.


The following is the state-recorded data on CVOID deaths in Jackson County. They are listed by age, gender, ethnic background and whether or not they had a known medical condition (Yes, No, Unknown.) The state does not report deaths by zip code or give any other details.

53 Female African-American/ Black No

77 Female White Yes

83 Male White Unknown

64 Female White Yes

78 Male White Unknown

86 Female White Yes

78 Female White Yes

85 Female White No

87 Male White No

81 Female White No

73 Male White No

57 Male White No

52 Male African-American/ Black Yes

77 Female White No

88 Female White No

90+ Female Asian Yes

90+ Male White Yes

90+ Male White Yes

77 Female White Yes

48 Male White Yes

74 Male White No

76 Female White Unknown

71 Female White Yes

88 Female White No

62 Female African-American/ Black Yes

81 Male White Unknown

84 Female African-American/ Black Yes


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