Georgia Power crews returned home after spending more than a week in Louisiana assisting with restoration after Hurricane Laura made landfall along the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Approximately 100 personnel and crews left from across the state to make their way to staging locations in Baton Rouge before receiving assignments to support restoration in Louisiana.

During their time in Louisiana, crews worked safely restoring power for thousands of customers. As part of the storm restoration effort, teams replaced approximately 217 broken poles, 932 spans of wire and 180 transformers.

“We recognize the hard work of our dedicated teams who safely served in Louisiana, and welcome them home,” said David Maske, storm center operations manager. “Through the Mutual Assistance Network, we know that we can assist others and they will be there in return if we need them. Our teams saw firsthand Hurricane Laura’s impact to the state of Louisiana, and we want to encourage Georgia Power customers to prepare now and remain vigilant as an already active hurricane season continues through November.”

Georgia Power assists other utilities through a mutual assistance network comprising hundreds of utilities from around the country. As part of this partnership, Georgia Power is able to respond and offer assistance, providing reinforcements when needed to restore power quickly for other utilities. The company is also able to tap into this mutual assistance network if additional resources are needed to help restore power to Georgia Power customers following a major storm.

With each request for assistance, the company ensures that it has sufficient coverage to respond to any potential local service interruptions.

The company requested and received assistance from other utilities during several major storms that impacted Georgia Power customers previously including Hurricanes Michael and Irma.

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