Students in Hall and Gwinnett counties will participate in digital learning Friday, Oct. 30, as cleanup continues following Tropical Storm Zeta.

Details include:


"Our community is still recovering from the damage caused by Tropical Storm Zeta," Hall County school leaders said. "As of this email, almost 20,000 Hall residences and several HCSD schools are still without power. Additionally, numerous roads are still closed due to fallen trees and/or power lines.

"Therefore, Friday, October 30, will be a School-from-Home day for students that are typically in-person. Virtual learning will continue as normal. These plans are dependent upon electricity and internet capacity. We are aware that a portion of teachers and students cannot access the internet. Allowances will be made for those instances."

Twelve-month employees are asked to report to work or make arrangements with their supervisors. Teachers will work from home.

"We anticipate that Friday evening and weekend extra-curricular activities will be possible as conditions continue to improve. Check with your local school regarding specific events," school leaders said.


Due to ongoing power outages in various areas of the county and downed trees that will make some roads impassable for buses to pick up students in the morning, Gwinnett County Public Schools will hold a digital learning day for all students on Friday, October 30. Both in-person and digital learners will participate in digital learning from home. Should students not be able to access lessons due to ongoing power outages they will have the opportunity to complete the work at a later time, school leaders said.

Teachers will not report to school, they will instead teach students from home. 12-month staff members should report to work if it is safe for them to do so, the district said in a news release.

As teachers and support staff will be working remotely, the district will not be providing meals for students.

Afterschool and weekend activities may continue as scheduled. Coaches will communicate plans with the students involved in these activities.


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