The Hoschton Planning and Zoning Commission approved a rezoning of 2.2 acres on Feb. 22 for 18 townhomes on Railroad Ave. The project calls for three buildings with six townhomes in each.

The commission’s approval is subject to a few conditions, including use and number of units, building height limitations, minimum house size, garage and building material finish requirements and prohibited access to Railroad Ave.

The firm also filed for two variances in addition to its rezoning request. The first variance, seeking to vary dimensional requirements, was denied. The second variance, requesting provisions to reduce the 20% minimum open space requirement and waive the staggering of building facades requirement, was approved by the planning board with conditions involving right of way, easements and landscaping requirements.


After two months of tabled discussions over the matter, the planning board approved a variance requested by the city to reduce the 50-foot stream buffer in half and waive the 25-foot impervious cover setback required by city codes. These changes will provide an additional 25-feet of buildable area for properties fronting east side of Oak Street and North side of Pendergrass Road.

The previous 50-foot buffer, in addition to the 25-foot wide impervious cover setback, left little to no buildable area on the property, which is owned by the city.

According to mayor pro tem Adam Ledbetter, whether this property is used for picnic tables, a dog park or any type of recreational use, “we want as much land to work with as we can.”

Another variance requested by the city seeking to reduce the minimum required principal building setbacks to zero for the city square zoning district was also approved by the commission.

In its request, the city sought to make the buildings on the .19 acre tract of land containing the current city hall, frame building, covered porch and shed, as well as a proposed building addition on the neighboring .22 acre grass area and other tracts along City Square in compliance with its own zoning ordinances.


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