Plans for a farmers market in Hoschton are under way.

The Hoschton Downtown Development Authority is planning a farmer’s market, which will be at its train depot in early August. Plans are also in the works to incorporate community art and murals into the downtown area, host community clean-up days and create new signage at the city’s entrance from Hwy. 53 next to Hoschton Park.

The DDA is working with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and the Georgia Mainstreet Program, which have been successful at revitalizing many of Georgia's small towns.

According to Tara Bradshaw from the DCA’s Office of Downtown Development, who spoke to the authority during its meeting June 28, in terms of growth and residential development, she is unaware of any other community in Georgia that is experiencing the level of development and residential growth that the city of Hoschton is experiencing.

“It’s exciting but it's also very challenging,” said Bradshaw.

In its early stages, the DDA is focusing on preserving the city’s historical charm as they move forward by accumulating collections of historical materials and photographs and incorporating them into future projects. Plans for historical testimonials from lifelong Hoschton residents, for example, are being discussed for the DDA website, which is currently under construction.

“Building pride in our community is one of our hard and fast principles in downtown development,” said Bradshaw, “and our sense of community and pride are centered in our historic areas."

The group is also gathering inventory of the city’s businesses to determine what types of businesses it currently offers versus what types it needs to bring into the city. The DDA will also be initiating an effort to create a high school volunteer or internship program from nearby high schools to further enhance a sense of community among local youth.

“You can accomplish anything you set your sights on,” said Bradshaw, “downtown development is a marathon, not a sprint."


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