Hoschton water towers

The Hoschton city government was thrown into disarray Friday, Dec. 13, after the resignations of Mayor Theresa Kenerly and city administrator Dale Hall.

The actions come after mayor pro tem Jim Cleveland resigned earlier in the week.

The multiple resignations leave the small West Jackson town with virtually no experienced leadership following months of controversy and recriminations.

Kenerly's resignation will be effective Dec. 19.

The council has set a called meeting for Saturday, Dec. 14, at 5 p.m. to deal with the rapidly-evolving situation.

Among the topics on the agenda is an item to seek a legal ruling, possibly in the local Superior Court, that would allow the town's new mayor pro tem, Adam Ledbetter, to vote. Ledbetter was named mayor pro tem at a called meeting Dec. 11.

The town's charter doesn't allow the mayor, or in the absence of the mayor, the mayor pro tem, to vote on city matters. But with just three council members left and no mayor, there wouldn't be enough voting members to transact city business, hence the move to petition the court for a solution.

Other items on the council's Dec. 14 agenda are:

• accepting the resignation of Hall, who became city administrator earlier this year. Without Hall or Kenerly, it isn't clear who would be in charge of the town's day-to-day functions.

• calling an election for March to fill the unexpired terms of Cleveland and Kenerly.

• reconsider the city's garbage contract which was awarded to Waste Pro at another recent council meeting.

• discussing the electronic devices issued to city elected officials.

• appointing a city clerk.

All of the actions come after months of controversy in the town and a recall move against Cleveland and Kenerly that had been set for a vote in January. That vote will not be necessary following their resignations.

See additional coverage of the situation in Hoschton in next week's newspapers.


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virginia snowden

"Ding dong the (racist) witch is dead". Is the lady at the front desk still employed?

Pete Fuller

I’m very glad that the Mayor has decided to do the right thing but let’s be clear, the disarray is because she did not do this 7 months ago. I’ve got full confidence the remaining council will be able to pull this together quickly with the support of the community now that the source of the problems are gone.

virginia snowden

About time!

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