The Hoschton City Council hired a new building inspector on Aug. 17.

Joseph Hayes was hired by the council following a closed session of the council to discuss personnel.

The council also approved a first reading of an ordinance that will allow the city to collect impact fees on new construction in the town. The council is slated to have a second reading and final approval of the ordinance at the end of the month.

In a related move, the council also approved an agreement with the West Jackson Fire Department for the city to collect impact fees to be used by the department for improved fire facilities in Hoschton.


In other action Aug. 17, the council approved:

• an amendment to the city's building bond ordinance to increase the size of construction bonds to 135% of the project's cost.

• accepting two rights of way along First Street and Oak Street.

• accepting a $114,000 CARES ACT grant. The funds will be used to pay for a new city truck the council recently approved.

• a variance for the setback distance for a private swimming pool in Creekside Village.

• a bid of $2.1 million for improvements to the town's water reclamation facilities.

• a bid for water tank work by American Tank.

• a bid for a city dump trailer.

• a bid for a new pump motor at a city lift station.

• a bid to repair a backup generator at a city sewerage lift station.

• ratifying an emergency purchase of a new HVAC system at the city's water station.

• a proposal to have the city's codes and ordinances re-codified and put online by the firm Municode.


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