Hoschton City Council

The Hoschton City Council hears a report from city planner Jerry Weita (left) about the town's move to have a 90-day moratorium on new building permits.

The Hoschton City Council issued a 90-day moratorium on most new building permits during its meeting on June 8.

The move is an effort by the city to use that 90-day time to develop impact fees to be levied on new construction in the city.  The city doesn't levy a property tax and is looking for funds to help pay for capital improvements.

A plan for city capital improvements will be part of the town's comprehensive plan and is currently under development, city planner Jerry Weitz said.

Weitz said the moratorium would be an "inconvenience" for some city property owners, but that he thought the city could develop the impact fee system within the 90 days allotted. He said it usually takes longer to do the process, but planned to get it done in three months.

There are a few exceptions to the moratorium, including some homes previously allowed by the city in the Twin Lakes development.

At its voting meeting on June 15, the council plans to appoint an impact fee advisory committee.


 In other business, the Hoschton council discussed, but did not take action on:

• a plan to have the city's engineering firm do a RFP for hydro-geologist services. The city wants to develop more water wells to supply the city's water system so it won't have to buy as much water from other sources. Councilman Shantown Astin questioned the need for the city to pay its engineering firm $5,000 to find the services, asking why the city couldn't just hire a firm directly.

• a bid to remove around 80 trees from the rights of way in the Village of Hoschton.

• a plan to lower permit fees for pools and driveways in the city.

• a proposal to create a system of fees for stormwater control.

• heard an overview report on the city's 2019 audit.


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