Hoschton water towers

Hoschton's efforts to re-establish a city police department could get a boost from plans to implement building impact fees in the city.

Building a $2.27 million police facility is one of four major areas Hoschton plans to use funds from impact fees.

The money would be used to help finance several capital improvement projects between now and 2025.

The fees would also help build a new EMS station ($261,000), a new fire and rescue station ($1.34 million) and additional parks and recreation facilities ($1.08 million.)

The Hoschton City Council will hold a public hearing on July 20 at 7 p.m. at Hoschton City Hall on proposed ordinances to put the impact fees in place.

The town recently put a 90-day building moratorium in place until it can adopt a capital improvement plan and put the fees into effect. The council voted to submit the capital improvement element to the state at a meeting June 29.

The town also created a committee of local citizens to help with the development of city impact fees. That group will meet also on July 20 at 4 p.m. prior to the public hearing.


Also at its June 29 meeting, the council:

•approved a modification of a promissory note for GEFA loans.

•approved the Twin Lakes final plat, with Shantwon Astin opposed.

•held a 30 minute closed session to discuss litigation with no action taken afterwards.


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