The Jackson County Board of Education approved several leadership changes at its June 14 meeting.

The board approved transferring Jenica Johnson from her role as North Jackson Elementary School principal to a system-wide position for student support services/alternative school. Meanwhile, Troy Johnson, director of student support services, was transferred to the role of interim principal at NJES.

The board also approved the resignation of Lynn Duke, assistant superintendent for human resources and student support Services (49%), system, and approved transfering Todd Nickelsen from assistant superintendent for teaching and learning to assistant superintendent for human resources and student support services.

New Hires

  • Erica Applewhite, school nutrition food assistant, East Jackson Elementary School.
  • Tammy Austin, special education paraprofessional, West Jackson Elementary School.
  • Rebecca Bailey, healthcare science teacher, Empower College & Career.
  • Vanessa Bobe-Gonzalez, kindergarten paraprofessional, Maysville Elementary School.
  • Makae Bythewood, kindergarten teacher, MES.
  • Susan Carreno, Spanish teacher, Empower College & Career.
  • Jenilee Chavez, special education paraprofessional, WJES.
  • Rachel Ciavarro, bus driver, system.
  • Jill Clay, SLP, Empower College & Career Center(effective FY22)
  • Mason Crawford, special education paraprofessional, MES.
  • Carla Crowley, special education paraprofessional, WJES.
  • Jasmine Dalton, clinic assistant, Empower College & Career.
  • Jennifer Glazier, social studies teacher, Empower College & Career.
  • Michelle Graham, kindergarten paraprofessional, WJES.
  • Charles Grizzard, special education teacher, East Jackson Comprehensive High School.
  • Kelley Harris, clinic assistant, WJES.
  • Greg Harrison, ISS teacher, EJCHS.
  • Melinda Henry, school nutrition assistant, EJCHS.
  • Mary Herring, math teacher, Jackson County Comprehensive High School.
  • Harlie Howington, special education paraprofessional, West Jackson Middle School.
  • Shannon Johnson, 1st grade teacher, EJES.
  • Morgan Keith, clinic assistant, EJCHS.
  • Katheryn Kelley, kindergarten paraprofessional, Gum Springs Elementary School.
  • Salle Komar, science teacher, Empower College & Career Center.
  • Jessica Lambert, bus driver, system.
  • Makayla Martin, school nutrition Food assistant, EJCHS.
  • Emily McElhanon, 2nd grade teacher, South Jackson Elementary School.
  • Ashley Mueller, 4th grade teacher, MES.
  • Corey Murdoch, 4th grade teacher, North Jackson Elementary School.
  • James Ponder, math teacher, JCCHS.
  • Jacquelyn Root, paraprofessional, WJES.
  • LaCava Ross, counselor, WJMS.
  • Mari Santisteban, school nutrition assistant, WJMS.
  • Donna Selby, special education teacher, GSES.
  • Lori Saul, special education paraprofessional, WJES.
  • Elisabeth Sellards, special education teacher, WJES.
  • Jamie Shabman, counselor, NJES.
  • Chris Shirley, construction instructor ( 33%), Empower College & Career Center
  • Lindsay Staples, clinic assistant, WJMS.
  • Brandy Stapleton, math teacher, Empower College & Career Center.
  • Erica Thomas, special education paraprofessional, WJMS.
  • Kerri Triaga, special education paraprofessional, WJES.


  • Felicia Allen, special education teacher, WJES to NJES.
  • Candace Crenshaw, SPED(50%)/CTAE(50%), EJCHS to PE(50%)/SPED(35%)/CTAE(15%), EJCHS.
  • Kelly Davidson, Pre-K teacher, NJES, to kindergarten teacher, NJES.
  • Selena Harris, Pre-K paraprofessional, GSES, to kindergarten paraprofessional, GSES.
  • Melanie Holman, Pre-K teacher, GSES, to kindergarten, GSES.
  • April Johnson, 2nd grade teacher, GSES, to Pre-K teacher, GSES.
  • Shelton Kendrix, kindergarten paraprofessional, GSES, to Pre-K paraprofessional, GSES.
  • Melissa Mayberry, kindergarten paraprofessional to special education paraprofessional, WJES.
  • Cynthia Patterson, paraprofessional, MES, to clinic assistant, MES.
  • Matthew Patton, special education teacher, EJCHS to special education teacher (50%) and physical education teacher (50%), EJCHS.
  • Erin Pettus, media paraprofessional (50%) and distance learning coordinator (50%), EJCHS, to attendance clerk (100%), EJCHS
  • Cindi Roberts, paraprofessional, MES, to bookkeeper, MES.
  • Shelly Salom, ESOL teacher, GSES, to 1st grade teacher, GSES.
  • Jennifer Simmons, STEM teacher, GSES, to ESOL teacher, GSES.
  • Tammie Swain, paraprofessional, EJES to clinic assistant, EJES.


  • Tiffany Cotton, special education paraprofessional, EJCHS.
  • Jon Paul Coutourier, 4th grade teacher, MES.
  • William Ferguson, bus driver, system.
  • Jessica McEver, English teacher, EJCHS.
  • Doug Sherer, Spanish teacher, JCCHS.
  • Yolanda Sims, special education paraprofessional, MES.


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