The Jackson County Board of Education approved the following personnel moves at its Sept. 14 meeting:

New Hires

  • Virginia Garlitz, bus driver, system
  • Ellen Griswold, ESOL teacher (80%), East Jackson Middle School
  • Kelly Hannafin, art teacher, Gum Springs Elementary School
  • Ashley Ware, English teacher, Jackson County Comprehensive High School


  • Ted Gilbert, assistant superintendent for operations (100%) to assistant superintendent for operations (49%), system (effective October 2020)
  • Jennifer Halley, director of student support services (49%), system, to director of student support services (100%), system
  • Susan Manley, special education paraprofessional, EJMS to Maysville Elementary School
  • Heather Steeb, secretary, West Jackson Middle School, to attendance clerk, JCCHS


  • Dawn Arrowood, bus driver, system
  • Christopher Bach, special education teacher, South Jackson Elementary School
  • Catherine Gebo, art teacher, GSES
  • Jennifer Gray, bus driver, system
  • Allison Jones, special education paraprofessional, WJMS
  • Heather Lawson, bus driver, system
  • Julie Padilla, attendance clerk, JCCHS
  • Alisha Salyer, bus driver, system
  • Kathy Torrey, special education paraprofessional, GSES

Leave of Absence

  • Marie Bettis, school nutrition


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