According to figures released by the Georgia Department of Public health, a record 167 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Jackson County on Friday (Sept. 3). That well exceeded the county’s previous peak of 140 set on Jan. 5 during the pandemic’s third wave.

Jackson County’s seven-day moving average is still below levels reported during the pandemic’s previous peak. Friday’s seven-day moving average stood 82.3, compared to a record-high average of 101.4 reported on Jan. 11. 

The death of a 14-year-old Jackson County female with an underlying condition was reported on Sept. 2, as the number of COVID-related deaths in the county since the start of the pandemic has reached 152, in addition to 13 probable COVID-19 deaths. Exactly when the teen died isn’t known due to a possible lag in state reporting.

Elsewhere in the area, Barrow County reported 126 new cases on Friday. While that represents the county’s highest single-day total of cases during this fourth wave of the pandemic, it’s still below the county’s record of 148 cases back during the winter peak on Jan. 5. The COVID-related death of a 17-year-old Barrow County male — who passed away in early August — was also reported last week. Barrow County now has 152 deaths since the beginning of the COVID pandemic along with five probable deaths.

Despite Friday’s high volume of cases, Barrow County’s seven-day moving average dropped to 66.3 after having risen to 73.1 back on Aug. 27.

Barrow County’s seven-day moving average rose as high as 100.4 at one point during the January peak.

Similarly, Hall County saw its seven-day moving average dip from a fourth-wave high of 156 on Aug. 31 to 149 on Friday.

Hall County’s seven-day moving average stood at 214.4 at one point during the January peak.

Gwinnett County reported 427 new cases on Friday, but its new-case numbers haven’t approached its numbers during the January peak, when it saw more than 1,000 new cases in a single day four times.

Gwinnett County’s seven-day rolling average dropped to 325.7 on Friday, down from 350.7 on Aug. 31.


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