In fast-growing Jackson County, most rezoning applications seek to take formerly agricultural land and have it transformed into residential or commercial development.

But a Jefferson man is seeking to do the opposite — transform residential land into a small homestead-style farm.

Jerzy Perez Gonzalez of 208 Nays Way, Jefferson, got the initial Ok from the Jackson County Planning Commission Feb. 25 to have 7.3 acres rezoned from R-1 residential A-R, agricultural/residential.

Gonzalez said he wants a "farmstead" on the property with  a few goats, llamas, alpacas, a horse, donkey, and some poultry, such as chickens or turkeys. He lives in a home on the property already, he said.

The JCPC approved his request, with a stipulation that there would not be commercial poultry production on the property.

All of the requests will now go before the Jackson County Board of Commissioners in March for final action.


Map amendments for several tracts got approval from the JCPC for a 144-acre site on Pettijohn Rd. and Wayne Poultry Rd., Pendergrass, to allow for industrial development.

The site is near other warehouses in the area.

One person spoke in opposition to the request.


In proposed residential actions, the JCPC  approved a rezoning for multifamily (R-3) on Hwy. 124 at Olde Wick Trail, Hoschton, for a townhome development.

The 22.7-acre tract had been slated to be developed for senior housing, but developers said the area's senior citizen market had become saturated.

L.T.R. Investments plans to build 103 attached townhomes on the property. Each until is required to be 1,800 sq. ft. and a two-car garage.


The planning board also approved a rezoning and special use of 87 acres for a master planned community of single-family homes at 1288 Maddox Rd., Hoschton. 

Chafin Communities plans to build the development with a maximum of 175 lots.


A proposed low-density subdivision in South Jackson met with some opposition before the JCPC and the board ultimately voted to table action on the request until its March meeting.

Kenneth Whitworth is proposing to build 40 homes on 68-acres at 2500 Holiday Cemetery Rd., Athens. He's requesting a map amendment from agricultural to suburban for the project. He said the homes would be priced in the $400,000 to $500,000 range.

But the project sits astride a drive that is used for commercial agricultural transportation. The planning board and some local residents expressed concern that the existing farm operation would draw opposition from residents in the proposed development due to the odors and the traffic involved, some which happens at night.


A proposed subdivision on 57.5 acres near East Jackson Comprehensive High School got approval by the JCPC.

Genuine Mapping and Design is proposing to develop 39 lots on Waterworks Rd., Nicholson. The homes would be priced in the mid-$350,000 range.


A proposed change to a previous zoning condition was tabled before the planning board at the request of developers.

The P.J. Roberts Rd. residential project calls for 200 lots on 104 acres. 

The condition change is to allow some lots to be less than 80 ft. wide.

The county planning staff has recommended denial of the request.


The JCPC approved a request from New Liberty United Methodist Church for a rezoning to commercial to allow for a LED sign in front of the church.


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