Both Jefferson and Commerce announced this week that they are canceling their annual Christmas parades in December due to COVID rules and large crowds.

But both towns are facing a large backlash on social media from people upset about the cancellations. A number of comments have been overtly political.

"I am so over all of this virus crap!" said Jim Bealing on Jefferson's Facebook post about the cancellation. "Can’t have parades such as this one or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, but the Democrats were able to pack Times Square on Saturday night for a celebration!! BS!!!"

In Commerce, much of the reaction was similar.

"The people running this city must be Democrats," commented Chris Jones on Commerce's Mainstreet Facebook page.

Democrats were the main target in may of the postings.

"Enough, is enough, that's what the Dems want, us to live in fear so we can be puppets for them and fall for their mess," said Anna Banks on the Commerce comments. "Can't anyone see what is happening?? We become pawns to those wanting to change everything good and sacred about this country, it's happening to all those who have a 'little' fear. No church, no school, the less people are allowed to gather, the less voice they might have."

But there was some pushback to efforts to politicize the issue.

"These are the people we live, work and do life with, for goodness sake," said Ricky Fitzpatrick in a comment on Jefferson's Facebook posting. "Obviously the city planners aren’t a part of some conspiracy to tear down our society, but they are making difficult decisions, many of which have losing outcomes on both sides. I’m disappointed, but I don’t think there’s anything the City of Jefferson can do to make all of this any better."

Many of the comments on both Facebook pages pointed out that most businesses are running wide open now and that crowds are allowed in churches, stores, athletic events, schools and other places.


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