Hardy Johnson

Hardy Johnson

Hardy Johnson has announced his intent to run for mayor of the Town of Braselton. Johnson is currently a member of the Braselton Town Council, serving District 4.

“After thoughtful consideration as to how I can best serve the residents of Braselton, I’ve decided that I will qualify to run for mayor of the Town of Braselton,” Johnson said. “In this effort, I am willing and anxious to commit as much time as it takes to perform these responsibilities in a proper, legal and effective manner.”

If elected, Johnson said he plans to draw from his professional background, along with his time on the council, to help guide the town as it continues to grow.

“I will draw on my extensive executive experience in business and my four years serving on the Town Council to insure effective and efficient municipal government while continuing the smart and reasonable growth in Braselton. There must be a focus on public safety, clean environment, abundant water resources, and on our children’s future. These are the key responsibilities of our next mayor,” Johnson said.

Over the next few months, Johnson said he plans to reach out to a number of community groups and residents to get feedback on the priorities for the town.

“During the time from now to the qualifying period of August 16-18, it is my intention to visit with Braselton Home Associations, individual residents, and local businesses, knocking on doors seeking opinions as to the priorities of the Town of Braselton municipal government,” he said. “These opinions are critically important to me and will form a basis for the direction that I will be able to articulate and lead.”

Johnson’s decision follows an announcement from current mayor Bill Orr, indicating he will not seek re-election this year.

Johnson began serving on the council in 2018.

He holds a bachelor of business administration and master’s degree from Georgia State University and worked at Titan America and Tarmac America, serving as president of its Florida Unity for 20 years, according to a biography on the town’s website. He worked in ready-mixed concrete, cement, aggregates and blocks industry for 47 years, the biography continued.

Johnson previously served on the Braselton Downtown Development Authority. He has been involved in a number of community groups, including the Northeast Georgia Medical Center Foundation, Boy Scouts and Rotary Club of Braselton.


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