Another request to annex and rezone a large tract of land on Josh Pirkle Rd. for a major project will be presented publicly next month. 

Pirkle Farms Development, LLC, requests that the City of Hoschton annex and rezone an aggregate 400 acres along the road for both light industrial and residential development. The Hoschton City Council will hold a public hearing over the requests on Dec. 20 at 5:30 p.m. at Hoschton City Hall, 79 City Square.

A request to annex this property into nearby Braselton for warehouses was made by a different developer in 2018, but the Braselton Town Council rejected it following public pushback.

In this latest request, Pirkle Farms asks that 219 acres fronting the west side of Josh Pirkle Rd. and the Mulberry River be annexed and rezoned from agricultural rural farm district in Jackson County to light industrial to allow for 1.36 million square feet of light industrial space.

Additionally, Pirkle Farms requests an annexation and rezoning for nearly 181 acres fronting the south side of Josh Pirkle Rd. from agricultural rural farm district in Jackson County and agricultural in Hoschton to a planned unit development (PUD) district zoning in Hoschton. The development would consist of 175 townhomes and 363 detached single-family homes.

The parcels identified for this project are 120/001, 120/001D, 120/001B and 120/003 on the Jackson County tax map. The industrial development is proposed for parcels 120/001D, 120/001B and a portion of 120/001. The residential development is proposed for 120/003 and a portion of 120/001.

Nearly four years ago, the Braselton Town Council denied annexation requests from Ackerman/Adair Realty to allow for the construction of four warehouses totaling 2.8 million square feet on 390 acres on Josh Pirkle Rd.

Though proposed for Braselton, the request drew backlash from residents in Hoschton who lived near the property. Opponents cited concerns over decreased property values, along with environmental and nuisance issues during their objections.

The Braselton Town Council rejected the requests with a unanimous vote.


In addition to the requests for the Josh Pickle Rd. property, the Hoschton City Council will also hold Dec. 20 public hearings over:

•a request to rezone 11.55 acres on the south side of Industrial Blvd., west side of Hwy. 53 and east side of White St. from general commercial/highway oriented to a PUD for applicant Sri Kumar. Kumar proposes a mixed-use development including 275 residential units and 56,200 square feet of commercial building space.

•a request to rezone 0.93 acres on the east side of Peachtree Rd. from single-family low-density residential to a PUD for applicant Hog Mountain Properties, LLC. The proposed use is commercial driveway access and a project monument sign for a shopping center to be developed within the Twin Lakes Planned Unit Development fronting Hwy. 53.

•a request to rezone 22.13 acres on the north side of Josh Pirke Rd., west of Panther Ct., from light industrial to multi-family residential for 123 fee-simple townhomes for applicant Keith Whitworth.


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