COVID-19 Vaccine

The total number of residents who have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine in Braselton’s four-county area is around 20%.

Gwinnett County has the highest rate of resident vaccinations in the area, with 21% of residents getting their first dose, according to the state reporting website. That’s followed by Jackson County, 19%; Hall County, 18%; and Barrow County, 16%.

But Jackson County has the highest percentage when looking at residents who are fully vaccinated, coming in at 14%. That’s followed by Gwinnett and Hall, both 13%, and Barrow at 11%.

Those totals fall below the state average of 30% who’ve received their first dose and 17% who are full vaccinated.

In each of the four counties, women had a higher vaccination rate.


Meanwhile, the total number of COVID patients at Northeast Georgia Health System remained low over the past two weeks.

As of April 12, the hospital system was treating 37 COVID patients with 11 at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton.

Since the start of the pandemic, the following totals have been reported in the Braselton area according to the Department of Health:

•Barrow: 8,487 confirmed cases; 127 confirmed deaths and one probable death

•Gwinnett: 84,536 confirmed cases; 1,032 confirmed deaths and 68 probable deaths

•Hall: 24,659 confirmed cases; 422 confirmed deaths and 24 probable deaths

•Jackson: 8,387 confirmed cases; 135 confirmed deaths and 11 probable deaths


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