A major battle from the 11th century will come to life again in Braselton.

The town’s civic center director Sloane Meyer announced at Thursday’s (Sept. 9) downtown development authority (DDA) meeting that Braselton host a Oct. 9-10 a “mini medieval fair” on the town green. Professional historical re-enactors from “History Now” will coordinate the event and feature a presentation on the Battle of Hastings from 1066, which saw Norman-French forces defeat the English to begin the Norman conquest of England.

“It will be part festival, bring-the-community-in for exciting things, part educational,” said Meyer, who said the presentation fits all Georgia standards for social studies and English.

The event, which will run from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day, will include food trucks and local vendors who sell costumes, jewelry or cooking utensils related to that time period.

In other business discussed, the DDA:

•heard from Braselton Downtown director Amy Pinnell, who recently spoke with the coordinator for the town’s art project. The public can participate in an online art survey at to offer input on development of the project.

•heard that the town still seeks volunteers for its Sept. 25 Pooches in the Park event and sponsors for its Oct. 16 Zombie Run. The town hopes to draw around 150 runners for the Zombie Run. The 5K race serves as a Peachtree Road Race qualifier.


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