Hardy Johnson

Hardy Johnson

What in your background makes you qualified for this position?

With 20 years of experience as president of a construction materials company, as well as having the experience of serving on the city council, I believe I’m uniquely qualified to accomplish positive things for Braselton. I’ve developed significant relationships with surrounding counties and town officials that will benefit Braselton. I’ve been involved in our civic community for many years including volunteer service on Braselton’s Downtown Development Authority, in the Braselton Rotary Club, and in Braselton’s N.E. Georgia Medical Center Foundation Cabinet campaign.

How do you think Braselton’s growth should be managed in the coming years?

We must be able to manage reasonable growth and ensure no property tax for Braselton homeowners. I will never vote to initiate property taxes while serving on council. I will work to protect green space and stream buffers to help control growth and will work to add a new park for our residents. I believe we should put homeowners first and not develop short term rentals. As mayor, I will work to stop over-development and protect our neighborhoods.

What are the top three issues facing Braselton in the next 10 years? If elected, how would you address these issues?

  • With crime rising just south of us in Gwinnett and metro Atlanta, we need to be ahead of problems. As mayor, I will increase the number of officers protecting our neighborhoods by 50% over my term as Mayor, and I’ll give our police the tools, training, and resources they need to keep us safe. Public safety is my first priority. No one is more committed than me to keeping Braselton safe from crime. Atlanta --and Gwinnett County in particular-- are seeing a huge increase in crime, and we need to take a stand for our neighborhoods here in Braselton.
  • The Town of Braselton’s legacy should be to safeguard the citizens and property in Braselton. We must assure that the financial viability is assured without municipal property taxes.
  • I will work to protect more green space to help control growth. I believe we should prioritize neighborhoods with home ownership rather than short term rentals. Too many suburban communities in Metro Atlanta allowed high density development, resulting in overdevelopment. I believe in reasonable and controlled growth.

Please provide a brief biography of yourself.

I believe I have unique experience to serve as mayor including 20 years of managing a construction materials company, Tarmac America. I have served on the city council and to guide city policy through the pandemic, and I have helped work to keep our city budget balanced. I have never voted for a tax increase. In three years, I’ve earned 186 hours of Continuing Education credits in Government through the Georgia Municipal Association. My transcript of courses taken is at www.vote4hardy.com.

I have served on Braselton’s Downtown Development Authority, in the Braselton Rotary Club and in Braselton’s NE Georgia Medical Center Foundation Cabinet campaign and the NE Georgia Medical Center Advisory Committee. I’ve supported community initiatives with my time, talent, and treasure. I graduated from Georgia State University where I earned an undergraduate degree as well as an MBA.

I have been married to my wife, Donna, 55 years. We have two adult children and four grandchildren.


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