Jeff Gardner

Jeff Gardner

What in your background makes you qualified for this position?

I have over 40 years of sales and sales management experience. When you’re in sales you’re not only selling products but, also listening to what your customers need for the future and making sure your company’s roadmap meets that need. I have also served as president of one HOA and vice president of two different HOA’s in Braselton. I plan to keep this same approach while serving on the town council by always listening to my constituents, making sure all of my decisions are in their best interest today and in the future and are remaining focused on making Braselton a place people want to visit, live in and feel safe doing so. The individual town council position is to represent their constituents in their district and use a common sense approach to problem solving. I intend to use this same approach in working with my fellow council members.

How do you think Braselton’s growth should be managed in the coming years?

Braselton has a comprehensive plan for its future, but it is just that, a plan, a roadmap, and guardrails for our town. The plan is something to build by. The roadmap is looking forward to the future. Guardrails are to keep the town from entering things that would not be good for the town or its population. In a comprehensive plan, a town is faced with choices and I think the leadership must make the tough decisions to keep our town relevant for the times and its population. All residents need to be respected, listened to and know that they are part of the decision making process for the town.

What are the top three issues facing Braselton in the next 10 years? If elected, how would you address these issues?

  • Infrastructure is our number one issue and needs to be addressed to meet the needs of today and the future. The town needs to work closely with the DOT to see where plans can be implemented that will best serve the population. Most of you don't remember when the bridge on Hwy. 211 over Duncan Creek was rebuilt and the road was closed for months, but I do, and it was painful.
  • Safety is our number two issue. Braselton is one of the safest towns in Georgia and we want to keep it that way. We need to hire officers as our population grows and do it wisely, choosing well trained ones and always doing full background checks. We do not want to hire someone else’s problem. Chief Esco has done a great job and continues to lead in the correct direction.
  • Housing is the third issue. The town needs to have housing that meets the needs of the population, young and old, families and singles, working and retired. People want their property values to grow and that comes with a well planned roadmap for the future.

Please provide a brief biography of yourself.

Dolores and I have been residents of Braselton for 22 years, having moved to the area from Lilburn in 1999. We have two daughters and sons-in-law and two granddaughters who just recently moved to neighboring states.

We have been enthusiastic supporters of Braselton and the surrounding area for many years, including early events like Dare to Share and several Christmas Tour of Homes that benefited local charities and organizations. One of our favorite organizations is Eagle Ranch located in nearby Chestnut Mtn.

My work career has been in the telecommunications industry since 1979 and I have held many sales positions, including global VP of sales. I am currently in sales with ATX, a Canadian based telecommunications firm.

I believe I bring to the table vast knowledge and experience in dealing with people and companies in general, worldwide. I have also worked with one HOA and am presently on another HOA board as vice president and my success in sales is directly related to how I listen to my clients, treat everyone with respect, work to meet the needs of his clients, using a common sense approach to problem solving and maintaining loyalty to those clients. The guiding principle I follow is, I am not the smartest person in the room and I don’t have all the answers and I don’t even know all the questions. This has served me well in my career. This leads me to listen more to my customers/constituents and to learn from everyone.

I love Braselton and believe it should be an inviting town and one people will want to visit, live in and feel safe doing so!


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