Peggy Slappey

Peggy Slappey

What in your background makes you qualified for this position?

Experience both in business and government leadership. Leadership in government takes a bit of adjustment from business. Throughout my term as a Braselton Town Council member, I have availed myself to the abundant

Classes available thru the Georgia Municipal Association. Achieving recognition for the many hours invested in training. I am a proven leader in the community working tirelessly with local charities, as well as my neighborhood HOA. My leadership in business is clear as I have run a success real estate business for almost 40 years thru good times and very difficult times. Surviving five recessions plus a multiyear devasting recession. In addition, we were able to thrive thru 18 months of being an essential business during COVID, staying open and keeping everyone safe.

To be a productive council member takes commitment, time dedication, integrity, sacrifice, and hard work. My record shows I have given it that and I will continue to do so. I pledge to work hard and give it my all when elected.

How do you think Braselton’s growth should be managed in the coming years?

Braselton’s growth must be managed with wisdom and carefully thought-out decisions. There is no doubt that Atlanta is growing all the way to Greenville, S.C. Being better in Braselton means not being run over with tire tracts and a pit stop off I-85. We must be a place that is a destination and a community where we can thrive enjoy our local businesses, restaurants, life paths and parks. A place where those who come to play decide to stay.

Keep Braselton Better!

What are the top three issues facing Braselton in the next 10 years? If elected, how would you address these issues?

  • Safety – focus on supporting our police and increasing staff
  • Growth – smart strategic growth
  • Safe water/stormwater
  • Developing qualified experienced leaders for the future
  • Being aware of issues that are yet unknown. Preparedness. There will be significant challenges and opportunities in the next 10 years

Please provide a brief biography of yourself.

  • Married to my amazing husband, Tommy, for 55 years
  • Mother to two sons, Glen and John, and daughter-in-law Julie.
  • Grandmother to five grandchildren of which I am deeply in love!
  • Involved with 12 Stone Braselton, my church
  • Elected to Braselton Town Council
  • Serves as member of the Braselton CID
  • Serves as member of the Braselton Visitors Bureau
  • Georgia Association of Realtors
  • Currently serving on State and Local Legislative Committee
  • Serving as Vice Chair of the Realtors Political Involvement Committee
  • Serving on the Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of Realtors Executive Committee
  • Past President of NAMAR
  • Recognized as “Captain of the Industry”
  • Recognized as “Manager of the Year”

My husband, Tommy, and I have been honored by Christian City Home for Children with the Humanitarian award and the Vision and Leadership Award.

My passion is leaving the world a better place for all whose lives I touch, especially my children and grandchildren. My greatest satisfaction comes from spending time with my family. I find great joy and relaxation with my family at home by the pool, the lake and the beach. Water is medicinal to me, being near water calms me completely. My faith and deep devotion to God is my strength and light.


Editor's Note: Slappey's opponent, Richard Harper, had not returned the candidate questionnaire by press time.


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