Explore Georgia recently announced that it has awarded more than $75,000 in tourism product development grants to 13 new and expanding projects across the state.

The Mulberry Riverwalk Signage project in Braselton was among the projects awarded grant funding.

The Community Funding Program allows communities to expand, enhance and improve their appeal as a destination for tourists and leverage tourism as a driver of economic impact.

“While Georgia’s tourism industry has felt the painful effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, by providing funding for these 13 projects the tourism product development grants will support the safe recovery of the industry throughout the entire state,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Pat Wilson. “I want to thank our excellent Tourism Product Development resource team for the work they are doing to highlight tourism opportunities in our communities and attract visitors.”

Explore Georgia Tourism Product Development resource teams evaluate a community’s potential for tourism growth and development through innovative and unique experiences. This year, Explore Georgia worked to provide more grants to more communities to assist in the tourism industry’s recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

The recommendations and financial support provided through this funding program are designed to spur tourism development activities at the local level that enhance the visitor experience.

“Like any business, a healthy tourism business is one that’s growing in quality and quantity of product worthy of being marketed and promoted,” said Deputy Commissioner of Tourism Mark Jaronski. “Funding is essential to advance many of these projects, and we take great pride in helping Georgia’s communities, especially rural areas, use the power of tourism to attract visitor spending, create jobs, support businesses and generate tax revenues.”

The grant’s review panel consists of members from the public and private sector as well as fellow professionals who are experienced in the tourism industry or the type of grant being reviewed.

Explore Georgia is the tourism division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.


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