Northside Hospital plans to pursue a state permit to build an outpatient surgery center in Braselton.

The hospital announced plans to pursue building its first facility in Hall County and northeast Georgia on Monday, Dec. 2. Northside is seeking an appeal for a state permit for a new outpatient surgery center that will serve 13 northeast Georgia counties.

The 22,500-square-foot facility would be located within an existing facility on Friendship Road in Braselton. It would have three operating rooms and one endoscopy room and would primarily attract patients for outpatient surgical services who traditionally drive to Northside facilities for procedures, according to a Northside news release.

It is preparing for a late December hearing before the state Department of Community Health concerning a Certificate of Need (CON), which is a state permit to open the state-of-the-art surgical facility.

Common services at the ambulatory surgery center would include certain procedures in orthopedics, urology, gastroenterology, general surgery and neurosurgery.

"As part of the CON application, the Braselton Specialty Surgical Center has pledged to offer charitable health care services to uninsured or underinsured patients with a program similar to one Northside utilizes in Alpharetta and Woodstock," according to the news release.

"It would partner with local charity clinics for patient referrals, and physicians would donate surgical services. All related charges would also be waived to patients in need.

"Northside pioneered this charitable program in 2012 as a way to help the area’s most vulnerable who need surgical care."

DCH is expected to hold hearings on the CON application for the Braselton Surgical Specialty Center beginning Dec. 21.


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