A proposal to build some storage buildings in South Jackson got shot down by the Jackson County Planning Commission Sept. 26, but the board approved a number of other routine rezonings and several text amendments to the county’s development code.

All the board’s recommendations will go to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners for final action.

A proposal to rezone eight acres at 2567 Brock Rd. (at the corner of Hwy. 129 across from Southside Church) from A-2 to CRC and for a special use permit for storage buildings was recommended for denial by the planning board. Upset by the reluctance of the county to rezone the property, owner Tommy Boyd said he would build a “hog parlor” on the property since it was zoned agricultural.


The board recommended approval of four text amendments to the county’s codes, including:

• making 75 percent of green space or open space requirements contiguous.

• reducing the number of parking spaces needed to qualify for compact parking.

• adopting regulations for small 5G cell towers on county rights-of-way.

• adopting regulations for private inspections.


Among the rezonings recommended for approval by the board on Sept. 26 were:

• 2.3 acres at 5799 Mayssville Rd. from A-2 to CRC (commercial).

• 1.5 acres and 1.99 acres at 1529 Whitehall School Rd. from A-2 to MH and A-2 to AR.

• 13.69 acres at 2424 Gum Springs Rd. from PCFD to A-2.

• 10 acres at Hwy. 82 South from A-R to A-2.

• .456 acres at 8940 Old Gainesville Hwy. from A-2 to CRC.

• a map amendment for 6.51 acres at Hwy. 124 in Jefferson from rural to suburban and residential to commercial.


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