A new development may soon bring new life to an old section of vineyards in Braselton.

The Braselton Planning Commission voted Nov. 18 to recommend approval of a master plan change for a planned unit development on 57 acres off Hwy. 124.

The Braselton Town Council will hold a hearing on the request Dec. 5 with a possible vote Dec. 9.

Fountainhead Residential Development, LLC, plans to construct 118 apartments, 24 townhouses and 114 detached single-family lots.

Apartments are planned within five buildings near Hwy. 124. Work/live townhomes are proposed at the center of the property, with the single-family homes proposed along the backside of the land. A number of amenities — from a dog park to fitness centers — are also proposed.

The request raised a few concerns among some area residents, who cited the impact on property values, school capacity and traffic.

“I have some concerns in that this has the potential to add to the Barrow County School System 282 students if every household has one student,” said area resident Gayl Kirkpatrick. “It also has a tremendous impact on the traffic flow on Hwy. 124.”

Planner Billy Edwards also cited concerns with traffic and the impact it would have on the already congested Hwy. 211. He recommended putting a cap on the number of certificates of occupancy that could be issued before Hwy. 211 is widened, but that motion failed for lack of a second.

The request was ultimately approved unanimously with a number of conditions, including limiting the number of apartments to 118 (developers initially planned 144).

In other business, the planning commission voted to table a request from Meritage Homes for 141 acres off Duncan Creek Rd. Developers want annexation and rezoning of 30 acres of that property, and a planned unit development change to the remainder. They plan to construct 326 detached single-family homes.

Planners held a lengthy conversation at the Nov. 18 meeting, with Edwards pushing to hold developers to a higher minimum lot standard. He asked for the commission to limit the development to approximately 235 houses, but the decision was ultimately tabled.

The request will still go to the Braselton Town Council in December, which can decided whether it wants to return the request to the planning commission.


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