Runoff elections were held across the state of Georgia on Aug. 11. See results below:

Local elections

Jackson County

  • Jackson County Board of Elections District 1 — Rob Johnson, 50.67%; Rick Sanders, 49.33%. That race was separated by 13 votes with Johnson securing 494 votes and Sanders getting 481 votes.

Gwinnett County

  • Gwinnett County Sheriff (Democratic nomination) — Keybo Taylor, 54.66%; Curtis Clemons, 45.34%
  • Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner (Democratic nomination) — Tiffany Porter, 56.79%; Regina M. Carden, 43.21%
  • Gwinnett County Commission chair (Democratic nomination) — Nicole Love Hendrickson, 79.83%; Lee Thompson, Jr., 20.17%
  • Gwinnett County Commission District 3 (Republican nomination) — Ben Archer, 53.22%; Matt DeReimer, 46.78%
  • Gwinnett County Commission District 3 (Democratic nomination) — Jasper Watkins III, 52.03%; Derrick J. Wilson, 47.97%
  • Gwinnett County Superior Court — Deborah R. Fluker, 59.22%; incumbent Kathy Schrader, 40.78%

U.S. House District 9 races

  • U.S. House District 9 Republican nomination — Andrew Clyde, 56.32%; Matt Gurtler, 43.68%
  • U.S. House District 9 Democratic nomination — Devin Pandy, 68.46%; Brooke Siskin, 31.54%


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