Hoschton homeowners and longtime residents voiced concerns at a March 22 Hoschton Planning Commission meeting over plans to build another subdivision on land neighboring their property.

Residents living in subdivisions on Peachtree Road across from the Twin Lakes development opposed another proposed project in the area.

A developer proposed to build a 55-lot subdivision and asked the commission for a rezoning to accommodate his plans. The planning board gave tentative approval and is expected to make a final recommendation next month.

“We could have three homes right behind our property,” said Faith Tribby, resident of the Quails Crossing subdivision adjacent to the subject property. “Why are we suddenly allowing this? I don't see how it is going to enhance our city.” 

In addition to the impact on population density, schools, water and sewage, another major concern is increased traffic.

According to city planner Jerry Weitz, “As proposed, the subdivision will have significant impacts on the existing school systems and will add marginally to the utility demands of the city’s water and sewer services.”

“Peachtree Road will be forced to handle more and more traffic as the Twin Lakes PUD develops. This proposal will result in a burdensome use of the existing street and transportation facilities. Additional traffic will also hasten the need for a traffic signal at Peachtree Road and State Route 53.”

The planning commission provided a conditional approval of the rezoning request with nine conditions. Among those is a reduction in the number of lots from 55 to 49, incorporating a 20-foot wide strip of land along the property line to serve as a golf cart path, prohibiting access easement from Peachtree Road, adding a deceleration lane with a curb and gutter and a natural buffer along the stormwater tract.


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