Friday night status report

Friday night status report for Georgia COVID cases.

Three large Jefferson-Pendergrass area businesses closed for part of last week due to situations surrounding the Coronavirus.

• Kubota closed its Jefferson plant until Monday, March 23, after an employee left work sick last Monday and later went to Northeast Georgia Medical Center for treatment. The family notified Kubota that he had tested positive for COVID-19, according to a county report. The plant was subsequently closed in response.

• Home Goods distribution center in Jefferson has closed for two weeks, but there have not been any reported cases of COVID in the facility.

• TACG in Pendergrass has reportedly closed until Monday, March 23, after an employee showed signs of Cornonavirus. The employee has not yet tested positive and the closure was done as a precaution and to do cleaning, according to Jackson County EMA officials. An internal email from the company has circulated widely on social media.


The Friday night department of health update still showed no cases of COVID officially reported in Jackson County (see chart).


Jackson County EMA director Bryan Bullock said that Jefferson High School had donated close to 200 N-96 medical masks to the county. The school had the masks for their health occupations classes. The masks are in very short supply and the county has had a difficult time finding additional masks for its emergency workers. The school reportedly also donated some face shields it had on hand.

"We were able to hand these out to our local police departments and Sheriff’s Office," Bullock said.


Local school systems continued to feed students throughout last week via meal pick-up locations. The systems are also looking for ways to distribute additional wifi hotspots so students without home wifi can continue with distance learning programs being offered by the school systems.

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