The Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority is considering redesign of the logo placed on a water tank at the Traditions subdivision in Braselton.

New owners of the Traditions Golf Club met with the board earlier this year at which time co-owner Jim Southard said the group is looking for ways to boost membership of the golf club. Southard suggested changing the logo design on a water tower recently constructed at Traditions to enhance visibility at the club entrance.

While the authority does not generally deviate from placing the authority logo on water tanks, the board agreed to consider the request and to review authority policies before making a decision.

During a meeting held November 12, authority manager Eric Klerk said the standard cost to paint the exterior of a water tower is $50,000. Klerk said, if the board approves a lease agreement with owners of the Traditions golf club, staff is recommending a monthly payment schedule of $830 for a five year period to recover the cost of repainting the exterior of the water tower.

The board tabled voting on the request in order to give representatives from Traditions the opportunity to be present at the next board meeting.

In other business, the authority:

• expanded a project of a water system modeling plan to include changes in the Commerce area and to include the Madison County agreement.

• approved a $124,850 expense for phase one of a water resources development plan geared at searching for ground water opportunities. Consultants from the firm of Emery and Garrett were selected to conduct the project. Phase I is basically administrative work, going around the county and looking at all geological maps to determine the most promising sites to find ground water.

• approved purchase of a vacuum trailer excavator at the cost of $109,575.

• accepted a bid of $19,875 from Gaskins Surveying to survey right of way along Hwy. 129 for a future water line project.

• approved water and sewer service for a new residential development on Jackson Trail Road. The subdivision will consist of 92 single family homes.

• heard Jeff Stewart, general manager of Tacheuchi Manufacturing in Pendergrass, request relief for approximately $2,000 in capacity charges. Stewart said he applied for water service in May and the application was lost. Stewart said he came back in June and the application was accepted. At that time, he requested a fire hydrant meter to continue construction and was told he would be placed on a wait list or he could pay a tap fee for the building in the amount of $6,920. Stewart said he paid the tap fee and waited another two weeks for the vault and meter to be installed and has since paid approximately $2,000 for fire line capacity charges although the building has not been connected to the water system. It is standard procedure for customers to pay minimum monthly charges once a meter is set and connection is made to the authority’s system. No action was taken by the board.


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