The new owners of the Traditions Golf Club are looking to the Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority for assistance with promoting the club.

Jim Southard, a resident of Traditions of Braselton and co-owner of the recently purchased Traditions Golf Club, came before the JCWSA board during its July 9 meeting to request permission to put the club logo on a water tank adjoining the club.

“We are looking for ways to boost membership and to boost knowledge of what we are trying to do with the golf club,” said Southard.

“The company that owned Traditions of Braselton Golf Club...  haven’t really put any investment into it,” said Southard. “It’s been an ugly step-child of a club for them to Hamilton Mill and Hamilton Mill got all the revenue and accolades.”

But according to board chairman Dylan Wilbanks, the only time the board has deviated from putting the authority logo on a water tower was generally at the request of another government entity.

Wilbanks said where the board can appreciate and are pulling for success with what Southard and his partners are trying to do, the board would not want to be put in a position where requests of this manner become an accepted practice. He asked Southard to give the board time to look at the policies of other water authorities before making a decision.

In other business:

• a real estate broker for property located in the West Jackson area asked the board for consideration of plans for construction of a lift station to serve the property. Bill Hightower said the property was zoned in 2005 for construction of 239 residential lots and a lift station will be needed in order to provide sewer service to the development. Hightower said he is willing to request financial assistance from the purchaser for operation and maintenance of the lift station. Wilbanks suggested Hightower work with staff to prepare a proposal for the authority to consider. Due to expenses associated with maintaining and operating a lift station, Wilbanks stressed the importance of not placing any undue financial burden on current customers. “We are sensitive to your concerns, but on the other hand, we are also sensitive to our rate payers not carrying the burden,” said Wilbanks.

• the board voted to increase the capitalization threshold for assets with an initial cost of $5,000 and an estimated useful life in excess of five years to $10,000 with a useful life of at least five years. It will help the accounting department to better match expenses to the period it affects, according to Finance Director Judy Smith.

• after meeting in closed session for 30 minutes, the board voted to adopt an amended organization chart.

• authority Manager Eric Klerk reported the upgrades to the Middle Oconee Wastewater Treatment Plant are nearing completion. The substantial completion date for this project is set for August 6.


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