The liberals and secular progressives have learned it’s hard if not impossible to convict someone of murder without a corpse. (Can we say Democrats...or is that hate speech?)

To read or to hear the experts explain to us the conclusions of the Department of Justice's Inspector General report makes one wonder, “Just how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”

In trying to answer the questions surrounding the FBI’s investigation of the Trump 2016 campaign and continuing well into his presidency, IG Horowitz turned himself into a pretzel trying to avoid the one central question concerning the FBI leadership’s role in trying to take down a sitting president.

On the one hand he wrote and said there was no testimonial or documentary evidence of political bias. But in his sworn testimony he assiduously avoided making a definitive statement about a lack of bias.

On the other hand either in his report or his testimony, Horowitz made the following statements which seem to “hint” at bias:

1) The report found 17 major areas of either omissions or errors.

(Writer’s note: all 17 errors favored the prosecution of the investigation in a material way...not one was found to be in favor of the president...sounds biased to me.)

2) Explanations from officials about the errors and omissions were not “satisfactory”

(Writer’s note: Horowitz’s gentlemanly way to say they lied.)

3) “...the activities we found don’t vindicate anybody who touched this.”

(Writer’s note: that includes James Comey and his nefarious cohorts.)

4) An FBI lawyer altered a legal document that was part of an official FBI petition to the FISA court to continue their surveillance of the Trump campaign.

(Writer’s note: the small change altered the document from exculpatory to incriminating.)

5) Horowitz in his testimony specifically used the words “illegal” and “unlawful” in answer to a direct question about “spying” to describe report’s findings concerning the FBI’s surveillance of Trump.

6) The IG refused to say his findings refuted the allegations about a “deep state conspiracy”.

(Writer’s note: Horowitz has left the door wide open for criminal charges...beware of the Southern District of New York.)

Horowitz also said that the FISA court’s authority was abused, the FISA court needs reform and there’s got to be a change in the culture (at the FBI).

There is an old Chinese saying describing the cumulative result of multiple minor injuries, “Death by a 1000 cuts”. Perhaps the IG has opened the door to finding the truth and revealing the biases behind torturous last 3+ years. Maybe the rule of law can be restored or we can continue our headlong rush down the road to despotism.

Capt. Jim Kinney USN (ret) is a highly decorated 26 year veteran of Naval aviation with extensive experience in DC. He served on Gov. Huckabee’s presidential campaign staff. A noted international speaker, Capt. Kinney is available to speak to civic groups for special events, luncheons, dinners and retreats. Contact him at

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