Will Rogers once famously said, “I am a member of no organized political party...I’m a Democrat!” The first Monday in February 2020, in Iowa, the party hilariously lived up to its well-earned reputation.

After uncounted man hours of volunteer efforts, thousands of hours of breathless mainstream media coverage, millions of dollars spent and an expectant national audience hoping for some glimmer of order to what has been an entertaining Democratic Presidential Primary, the Iowa caucuses delivered...wait for it...absolutely nothing.

Not that the result couldn’t have been predicted... the Democrats devised a very convoluted new system of voting... relied on a new, relatively untested and fully unsecured new cell phone app for reporting statewide results... missed reporting deadline after reporting deadline and raised a host of legitimate questions about the integrity of the vote count...even resorting to coin tosses to determine some caucus winners. It seems the future of Iowa’s esteemed position as the first presidential primary in the nation every four years is now in grave doubt.

Life goes on; New Hampshire becomes hyper-critical in the Democrat process to choose a presidential candidate (to the advantage of some candidates and disadvantage of others) and in a few days, the “Iowa Train Wreck” will fade from public conscientiousness...so why is it important?

Precisely because the eventual nominee of this party is asking the American voters to entrust the future of America into his/her hands.

The party that bombed Iowa wants the American voters to trust them to provide free healthcare and college educations for all; implement the green new deal; manage immigration policy and represent the U.S. in a fragile global environment.

You can’t make this stuff up...their impeachment manager has just declared that President Trump is going to sell Alaska to the Russians. One of their major candidates declared herself an American Indian, one honeymooned in communist Russia and another, the former mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg has declared the state of California is his model for all America?

Maybe we should be thanking Iowa for sounding the alarm.

Capt. Jim Kinney USN (ret) is a highly decorated 26 year veteran of Naval aviation with extensive experience in DC. He served on Gov. Huckabee’s presidential campaign staff. A noted international speaker, Capt. Kinney is available to speak to civic groups for special events, luncheons, dinners and retreats. Contact him at Captain5772@gmail.com.

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