Dear Editor: Today the office of president is occupied by a man who uses cruel and vindictive words and actions on a daily basis. No one, it seems, is immune to his hateful and misleading comments. It is sad and disappointing to me that his behavior is so juvenile.

Now this man has begun a campaign to slow down and dismantle the postal system. I am a senior citizen and I depend on postal delivery for many services. Bill payments, drug delivery, cards from my dear friends, to name a few. Why does he find this necessary? So many people will be hurt by these actions. I wonder if he has thought this through. I wonder if he cares.

To be against funding this operation is one thing, but to tear it apart is destructive. I have heard him say he is doing it to hinder voting, but why is that necessary?

Could it be that people are anxious for change and want the opportunity to vote for a candidate with honesty, integrity, compassion and so much more.

Perhaps they realize this is not the Republican Party of 30 or 40 years ago. This party has become one that encourages lies, hatefulness and racism through their silence.

Please join me in voting. Whether by mail or in person.

Don’t allow anyone to scare you away.


Vicki Clarkson


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