Dear Editor: Does Mike Buffington even have a clue? The populist rhetoric has come to an end, he states.

According to Google, the definition of a populist is a person, especially a politician, who strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups.

Buffington says populistic isn’t a political party, it is a movement.

Yes, Trump appealed to that group, and others, especially the small business community, weighed down by regulations and taxes imposed by the elitist Democrats who thought they knew better how to spend your money and run your business. Most of them having never run a business, or met a payroll, but took their PhD’s in social studies, philosophy and basket weaving to myriad of government and cabinet offices and halls of academics to tell you how, when, what you should do. As Barack Obama, whose past as a community organizer, famously said about your business, “you didn’t build that (business), someone else did.” Oh yeah, who?

Buffington’s use of words such as “would anyone really expect Trump to react (to the election) any other way than with rage and denial? To lie and deceive? To snarl and growl?” I don’t see or hear any of this

But tell me Mr. Buffington where in the hell were you in 2016? Your opinion pieces then? Even before the inauguration, the Democrats were screaming bloody murder, and started impeachment proceedings. and investigations into the Russian involvement in our election. For three and half years, the liar Representative Adam Schiff in the house had meeting after meeting the same for the Representative Nader from New York.

Three and a half years later and millions if not billions, spent on all of it, it proved false. The elitist Democrats, and one Hillary Clinton, paid for the establishment of false documents, the Steele Dossier that was relied on to start the whole thing. Were these Democrat representatives and Senators, doing the business of the people during this? An emphatic NO! I personally think that the Republicans have a much better case for impeachment against Joe Biden because of his involvement with Ukrainian and Chinese payoffs (proven) thru his son Hunter. .Where is the press in all of this? They should have been all over these months ago when the story broke. But no, we don’t touch them. Talk about elitist.

Meanwhile, the main stream media continued through opinion pieces and false reporting their assault on Trumps supposed and often repeated unfounded attacks such as deceiving, incessant lying, vanity, corruption and preening. In Buffington’s tirade he lists nine different “Despites” and three insteads, two other could be insteads that he accuses Trump of committing. In each and every one these can be challenged.

Prove this one,” Despite his weaponizing government agencies to go after political enemies” Really, who did he arm, what weapons were used, who was attacked, what was the result. The who, what, why, and how make the story. The Democratic playbook is repeat a lie often enough, the masses will believe it.

Another, “Despite constant attacks on American institutions and Democracy. We have democratic supporters funding Antifa, Anon, and rioters to tear down statues and burn buildings, burn, loot, murder. The same Democratic Party is now so far left that if not addressed, America could become very easily socialist. We have elected some representatives that want us to adopt Muslim Sharia .law, adopt fundamental socialist policies, “The green new deal” that will cost billions for minuscule impact. Yes, there is an attack on our Democracy, but it sure didn’t come from the Trump side.

“Despite polarizing the nation along ethnic, racial, and social lines.” Trump significantly increased his voter response, in the black, Asian, and Latino populous. Please explain the polarizing. But Mr. Buffinton please tell me what was your motive in the two weeks leading up to, and on election day, your opinion pieces about lynching, hanging all taking place some 125 years ago with mixed results. Was the whole thing somehow an attempt to rile the blacks in the community in some misguided attempt to polarize them? Strange indeed.

In 2016, we did try to tell the Democrats to get over it. It was a Trump wide Electoral College victory. Did them. Trump and Republicans were not treated with any respect. No, and as stated before, before even day one, the media masses, and the Democratic controlled House, Trump was under attack. Yet he worked, removing government regulations, getting us out of the Paris accord, the NAFTA agreement, building a wall to stem the tide of illegal immigrations (that Democrats want in), bringing jobs back from China and Mexico, and getting the NATO countries to start paying their fair share. Buffington says this lowers our standing in the world community. The roaring economy from 2016 to 2019 is another testament to the policies. The COVID-19 virus unfortunately slowed it all. But Trump did nothing? He stopped in flights and personnel from China, he formed a task force to address the issues, he called the pharmas to get moving on an anti-virus remedy, and he held daily briefings to inform the public. Now we apparently close to an anti-virus solution. I know doggone well, when it hits the market, Biden and the Democrats will take credit for it and the press will highlight the claim.

In two thirds of a page and three columns Buffington ranted. But this one is so off, “He corroded our soul and appealed to our worst instincts as Americans.” Seventy-two million Americans think the other way about the swamp, Buffington.

You’d be wise not to forget them.


Larry J. Schmidt


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