Dear Editor,

I am a Hoschton resident who has been sorely disappointed in local leadership after a recent traffic pattern change. My street has become a one-way street during the hours of 7-8 a.m. and 2-3 p.m. each week day. This one-way street was implemented without input from the public. The signs designating the street change were placed without prior notification to residents, and the change is causing chaotic traffic that extends down Hwy. 53 every morning. This traffic impacts residents of the street, parents of students at the school, as well as other commuters who use Hwy. 53 to access I-85 at exit 129.

In addition to reaching out to City Hall via phone multiple times for a week without being able to reach someone, I have also emailed without receiving a satisfactory response to the question of the appropriateness of making changes to traffic patterns without input from or notification to the public. In a social media post that has since been deleted, Mayor (Shannon) Sell confirmed that his residence was previously impacted by the traffic caused by West Jackson Elementary School and that he was the lead decider in the road change. While Mayor Sell claims that others were notified of this change, public comments and open records requests indicate that emergency services, such as the local fire department, were not notified in a timely manner. A reasonable assumption would be that this decision, which has so negatively impacted other residents and citizens, was made for self-serving reasons.

While Mayor Sell blames the school system for the negative impact on the community, it appears to me that the true blame lies with a government official who is unwilling to get input from others, unwilling to admit mistakes when made and unwilling to undo this action which has thus far caused only harm to the other residents in the community.


Sarah Waller-Price


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