I saw that Mainstreet News wrote a story about the new "one way" traffic pattern set up by the City of Hoschton. Now, they have installed a row of "no parking" signs down the street in front of the right-of-way in front the school. It is spoiling the environment with visual pollution. We are proud of our quaint primary school on a country road, surrounded by cow pastures.

There is no problem that needs to be fixed.

Ever since a good-looking wood fence was installed across the front the school property, virtually no one parks on the street side of the fence.

This is exactly the same as the new one-way traffic pattern that effects so many more than those just trying to drop off or pick up their children.

This morning I came to my Boss Hogg epiphany.

Mayor (Shannon) Sell just hired a police chief and no doubt Boss was brainstorming on how to pay the salary of his new force.

That is it! Boss Hogg, Sell, is willing to force people to tie up traffic and lives of thousands for a revenue generating opportunity!

As of the last week, almost 50% of the school lines has decided on civil disobedience and turn left anyway, since it is a stupid plan that was not needed or asked for.

Jackson County parents are not going to put up with elected overlords.

Jennie Johnson



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Adam Ledbetter

[rolleyes] We had a public meeting and not one citizen spoke about traffic. I have heard traffic is as smooth as ever![beam]

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