Dear Editor: I recently spied a Christmas tree lashed to the roof of a car filled with little, happy faces.

The sight of that tree reminded me of the many times I ventured into the attic to retrieve festive Christmas decorations. It also reminded me of the many times I bumped my head on a rafter while trying to keep my feet from poking holes in the ceiling.

Many decades ago, when my wife and I were raising children, our collection of  Christmas decorations grew larger with each passing year. We never stored a green artificial tree in the attic, but we did store one of those silver trees with a motorized rotating disk that cast a variety of colors onto simmering aluminum tree branches.

In any case, I am almost ready for Christmas shopping marathons at the Mall of Georgia. I have upped my physical stamina to 15 minutes on the treadmill and brainwashed myself into believing that searching for a parking space and jostling with crowds is more enjoyable than lazing around the house drinking eggnog and eating lemon meringue pie.

Merry Christmas.


Claude Diamond


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