Dear Editor:

West Jackson Road in Hoschton is a heavily traveled thoroughfare in the morning hours before school starts.

The inordinate amount of vehicle traffic comes from those drivers wanting to avoid the backup on SR 53 beginning at the intersection of West Jackson Road to the traffic light at Davis Street and beyond so as to make a left turn onto SR 53 and continue toward Winder. Said drivers can do so by taking advantage of the superb traffic control afforded by the off-duty deputy from the Jackson County Sheriffs' Department who is paid through the school system to direct traffic during the morning school drop-off period.

The aforementioned backup at SR 53 and West Jackson Road is largely due to those parents wanting to turn left onto West Jackson Road who, for whatever reason, drive their kids to and from West Jackson Elementary School in lieu of letting them ride the "Big Yellows" so as to utilize the superb taxpayer-funded transportation provided by the Jackson County BOE.

When school is out for the summer months, traffic on West Jackson Road returns to a state of normalcy. I surmise those whose destination is toward the direction of Winder in the morning hours after school dismisses for the summer return to their usual morning commute via way of SR 124 to the intersection of SR 53 and SR 124 turning left onto SR 53 to continue.

There is a solution to the backup at SR 53 and West Jackson Road by adding a left turn lane with a traffic signal at this location. It is my understanding that a Georgia Department of Transportation project to add a left turn lane at this location is on hold pending the release of funding by the local governing authority for utility relocation.

When I look at an overlay of what would be the project limits, it appears that same lies within the corporate limits of the City of Hoschton. When and if effected, this project would be a plus in alleviating the traffic backup in the morning hours during the school year and improving in and out traffic safety at this intersection as a whole.

Another concern on West Jackson Road is tractor-trailer traffic which should be prohibited. My mailbox has been knocked down four times by tractor-trailers carrying wide loads of prefabricated roof trusses to a subdivision development located off of Maddox Road in the City of Hoschton.

You would have no trouble identifying my mailbox as same is attached to the supporting structure with black duct tape pending replacement. Replacement will have to be put on hold pending exclusion of tractor-trailer traffic on West Jackson Road. West Jackson Road is not conducive to tractor-trailer traffic. It is a substandard road. The width of the road at my mailbox and beyond is 19 ft. and plus/minus 3 inches. The standard width of a two lane road is 32 ft.

I surmise that if engineering tests were conducted the pavement would not be rated to accommodate heavy loads. There is a 30 townhome and 300 small lot size single-family home development in the Town of Braselton which will have a main entrance off of Davis Street in Braselton and a second entrance off of Maddox Road, which is in the City of Hoschton.

Tractor-trailers carrying precast concrete products for storm-water infrastructure have been using West Jackson Road to off-load at the Maddox Road entrance. Since the tractor-trailers do not use West Jackson Road to regress, I surmise that upon leaving the job site they travel via Maddox Road to SR 124 turning either left or right to return to their originating destination.

The developer should establish a definitive construction entrance to accommodate the tandem wheel truck and tractor-trailer traffic that will be necessary to provide the materials to build the infrastructure and the living units.

West Jackson Road should be clearly defined as NO THRU TRUCK TRAFFIC!


James H. (Jimmy) Orr, Jr.



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