Dear Editor: Say what you want about President Trump, but one thing that must be acknowledged is that when he says he’s going to get something done, he does it. One area this has been very apparent in is the area of human trafficking, otherwise known as “modern-day slavery.”

President Trump took aim at the horrifying issue of human trafficking early on, setting it out as a topline issue to be addressed. Frankly, I must say that I’m impressed with the results. To date, the Anti-Trafficking Coordination Team (ACTeam) has more than doubled convictions of human traffickers. This means that not only is he working to end the issue… He’s putting folks behind bars for their heinous crimes. Especially considering the fact that many victims of human trafficking are minors, I could not be more pleased to know that these criminals are going to jail.

For this reason and a host of others, I’ll be proud to cast my ballot to re-elect President Trump this November, along with Republicans like him. America can’t afford to take a gamble on anyone else.


Debbie Reid



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He just locks the children in cages.

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