Dear Editor: It took me a week to read Gochernour and Wright's letters to your newspaper because they are straight from Fox propaganda and other rabid Trump commentators.

It nauseated me that they could call this "truth." How are these people going to react when history proclaims this horrible episode that is Trump and his minions as one of the worst of U.S. actions?

Will they pretend that it didn't happen?

Will they deny they thought they were right and the rest of the world was "fake news?"

Will they continue in their belief that it was all good, like the Confederacy and the Nazis and will rise again?

Will they be too embarrassed they bought into his lies and narcissism?

These uninformed, tricked people will vote for Trump and his henchmen and not believe how wrong they are until they see the harm that has been done to them and their country. It literally makes me weep.

How will the rest of us react? Will we shake our heads and say everyone makes mistakes, they were just misled, or will we charge them with the evil they have supported?

Will we stand up for decency and morality and let the rest of the world know that we will never let this happen in our country again?

I fear this horrific mindset has infected other countries in the world and we must fight for them to restore people's rights, first by example and then letting them know we are willing to help them restore freedom.

I know our nation will recover from all the damage Trump is creating every day, taking us further and further from being a democracy to being ruled by corporations whose goal is to shred every constitutional right from the working people.

Trump and these corporate dictators are like a slow poison. The question is whether American democracy has received a lethal dose and will  stumble on for a few more years before succumbing, or will we the people fight for our lives?


Edith Cunningham


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Phoebe Doherty

You are the one being deceived.

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