Braselton police recently pursued a vehicle involved in multiple entering autos in the area.

On Feb. 1 around 1 a.m., officers with the Braselton Police Department were called to the Baymont Inn on Hwy. 211 for an entering auto report.

A black Chrysler 300 parked near the victim's vehicle. The suspects tried to enter the victim's vehicle, but they set off the alarm and left the scene.

Officers then traveled to Chateau Elan to see if the suspects were in the area. They noticed multiple shopping bags on the ground near a vehicle. The vehicle's alarm was going off.

Officers saw a Chrysler 300 parked nearby and the driver sped out without his headlights on. The driver failed to yield and traveled onto I-85 South, driving over 120 miles-per-hour.

The pursuit was ultimately terminated after officers lost contact with the vehicle.

Officers said three vehicles had been damaged in the Chateau Elan parking lot, with each having a window broken. Nothing was taken, except for the shopping bags which remained on the scene.


Other entering auto reports occurred :

•Jan. 28-29 on Jesse Cronic Rd. where multiple vehicles were tampered with at a business. Gas was reportedly drained out of one of the vehicles, similar to other recent reports.

•Feb. 1 on Golf Club Dr. where someone broke into a vehicle and stole a firearm.

•Jan. 31-Feb. 1 on Haven Harbor Dr. where a firearm and a GPS were taken from a vehicle.

•Jan. 31-Feb. 1 on Rue Charlemagne Dr. where someone broke into a truck and stole a GPS.

•Feb. 2 on Hwy. 53 where a man said someone broke his vehicle window and took a pair of his pants, which contained his wallet, driver's license, cash and a credit card.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•miscellaneous report on Hwy. 124 where a town water vehicle was damaged after debris that fell from another vehicle struck it.

•miscellaneous report on Mandy Ln. where someone lost a concealed carry permit.

•miscellaneous report on Rivermoore Dr. where a man asked officers to check on a woman after she sent him a picture of her crying with a belt wrapped around her neck before blocking his number. The woman was OK and denied wanting to harm herself. She said she didn't intend to send the picture and had tried to block his number in hopes that the picture wouldn't send.

•theft by taking mail up to $1,500 on Olney Falls Dr. where a man reported three checks were stolen from his mailbox.

•identity fraud on Silk Tree Point where a woman reported someone opened a credit card in her name and bought a phone.

•simple battery on Alberbrook Trace where a man and woman got into an argument and the man allegedly pushed the woman.

•criminal damage on Spout Springs Rd. where a vehicle was "keyed."

•miscellaneous report on New Liberty Way where a woman reported a man wasn't paying child support as required.

•harassing communications on Beech Trail where a man reported his landlord attempted to enter his residence. He also said she repeatedly contacted him via text, despite being told only to contact via email.

•miscellaneous report on Reisling Dr. where a man reported someone stole a box of gutter guards from a company he works for. He learned of the theft after a woman called asking for an installation, but she already had a box of their product which she got from a contractor (despite the company offering only direct sales). He took the product with him and the woman's attorney later threatened to have warrants filed for theft unless he returned the products to her.

•battery on Tuscany Dr. where someone reported seeing a man chase a woman around a vehicle. Another man tackled her to the ground and the first man came over and punched and kicked her. They all got back in the vehicle and left the scene before officers arrived.

•miscellaneous report on Riverview Pkwy. where a man complained about a BPD officer driving through his neighbor's yard. The man was reportedly confrontational and made multiple vulgar comments towards the officers, calling them "c**k bags" and telling them to "f**k off." Officers said it appeared the man was impaired. The Hall County Sheriff's Office was called to assist.


Arrests recently made by the BPD were:

•Marc Patrick Mason, 34, 260 S. Minneapolis, Wichita, Kan. — driving under the influence (DUI)-alcohol and taillight violation. Mason was stopped for driving a vehicle with no headlights or taillights. Officers said it appeared he was under the influence and they smelled alcohol on him. Mason became defensive when asked if he'd consent to a field sobriety test and was ultimately arrested after stalling. He also reportedly refused to give consent for a breath or blood test.

•Jason Garrett, 37, 25 Leighs Grove Way, Grayson — identity theft fraud, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and possession of drug-related objects. Garrett was stopped for driving a vehicle with a broken brake light. He handed officers a false identification and officers also smelled marijuana in the vehicle. Inside the car, officers found a marijuana pipe, marijuana, meth, a spoon and three needles. They also found mail in the vehicle that didn't belong to Garrett or the passenger. When officers learned Garrett's true identity, they discovered he also had multiple warrants and arrested him.


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