A woman reported her Braselton home was burglarized and jewelry was stolen while she was out of town for the holidays.

Braselton Police Department officers were called for the burglary report on Lakeshore Cir. after a woman noticed her bedroom window had been tampered with.

She also noticed someone had taken four pieces of jewelry from a box and the missing items were valued at $6,435.

Officers didn't see any signs of forced entry. The woman said someone may have entered through a door that doesn't close all the way due to warped wood.

She suspected it was her neighbors, whom she said have a drug problem. They reportedly knew she planned to be out of town.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•possession of marijuana and speeding on I-85 where officers stopped a vehicle for driving 80-miles-per-hour in a 60-mph zone and smelled marijuana in the vehicle. A passenger was cited after claiming the substance was his. The driver was cited for speeding.

•mental person on Berkshire Trace where a man was reported for walking up to multiple houses, pulling on car door handles and attempting to open garage doors. They found the suspect at a residence, where he was talking to people who were not there. He was ultimately taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) Gainesville.

•lost/found property on Hwy. 53 where someone found two firearms while cleaning out a family member's house.

•mental person on Friendship Rd. where a man made threats to kill officers and medical staff if they attempted to help him. He was ultimately taken to NGMC Gainesville.

•using telephone for harassment/obscenities on Jesse Cronic Ct. where a woman said someone contacted her via social media, threatening to post a sex tape of her if she didn't pay him $100.

•battery on Bent Willow Way where a woman said her daughter's boyfriend was drunk and fought her daughter and son. The boyfriend said the family members ganged up on him, but the girlfriend said he hit her during an argument and then hit her brother when he tried to break it up. The boyfriend was given a criminal trespass warning.

•possession of marijuana less than an ounce on Broadway Ave. where officers smelled marijuana in a vehicle believed to have been involved in a wreck. The vehicle owner was cited.

•threat on Riverview Pkwy. where a woman reported a childhood friend repeatedly contacted her and said she was going to try to break up her marriage.

•hit and run on Hwy. 53 where a vehicle struck another in the rear and the driver sped off and "flicked off" the other driver.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 53 where a woman reported someone stole $20 from her purse at work.

•forgery on Hwy. 211 where a man reported a former employee made false documents to obtain a loan and also wrote multiple checks to himself totaling around $18,000.

•indecent exposure on Hwy. 53 where an older man reportedly masturbated in a restaurant while looking at an employee who was on break. He also offered her $100 to stay when she began walking to get a manager. He had left the scene when officers arrived.

•obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer; expired license plate decal; possession of drug-related objects; possession of methamphetamine; removing or affixing plates with the intent to conceal or misrepresent; and driving with a suspended or revoked license on Hwy. 53. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle for a tag violation. They were able to confirm the identity of the driver, who sped off and ultimately fled on foot. Officers found suspected methamphetamine in the vehicle, along with a needle. The drugs were found in a box that had the suspect's nickname on it. A passenger said he fled because he didn't have a license. She was ultimately given a ride home. A K9 unit was called, but the suspect was not found.


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