A Braselton man was recently arrested for drugs and a warrant after attempting to flee from officers on foot.

Winfred Russell Jordan, 36, 245 Ednaville Rd., Braselton, faces charges of possession of methamphetamine; warrant; and obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer.

Jordan was a passenger in a vehicle stopped for failing to maintain lane. He attempted to flee on foot, but Braselton Police Department officers pursued him. They recognized Jordan and knew he had multiple warrants.

They ultimately caught him and Jordan admitted to having meth in his cap. Officers found the substance, as well as a syringe.

He was taken to the Barrow County Jail.


Other recent incidents reported to the BPD were:

•burglary on Golf Club Dr. where a man called officers, saying he had a visual on a burglary suspect at his residence (which had also previously been burglarized). The suspect fled on a dark golf cart with no lights, but was ultimately apprehended. He was taken to Rutland Youth Detention Center.

•damage to property on Sienna Valley Dr. where a vehicle pulling a trailer damaged a mailbox.

•theft over $1,500 on Lewis Braselton Blvd. where a warehouse employee reportedly took high-end throw blankets. The suspect had reportedly taken $7,000 worth of products over a couple of months.

•possession of marijuana less than an ounce and possession of drug-related objects on Spout Springs Rd. where a woman called the police after a man refused to pay her $100 for a sexual act. She said she refused to get out at a gas station to pump gas, fearing he'd leave her and not pay. The complainant said the man got physical with her, but the man denied that. He said the woman took his phone and paid herself. During the incident, officers smelled marijuana coming from the man's vehicle. He was cited after officers found the substance, a grinder and a glass pipe. They were not cited for the sexual act since it wasn't clear what jurisdiction it occurred in.

•simple battery on Fisk Falls Dr. where a man reported his boyfriend got angry with him, pushed and hit him and broke his phone. He also reportedly struck him with a shower curtain rod.

•disturbance on Davis St. where a woman reported seeing methamphetamine at a residence while she was retrieving her belongings. Officers later found a baggie containing a crystal-like substance laying between two cinder blocks on the porch.

•simple battery and underage consumption of alcohol on Grand Hickory Dr. where officers were called for a domestic disturbance where a woman reported her 15-year-old son was out-of-control and had pushed and threatened her. The teen had also reportedly had found and drank alcohol at a cookout. Officers said there were signs of a struggle in the kitchen. Ketchup was found on the walls and the floor and clothes had been spilled onto the floor. The teen told officers he needed help, that he had been drinking and was agitated. He reportedly tried to pull away from officers and was placed under arrest. But Rutland Youth Detention Center instructed officers to release the teen to his mother.

•disturbance on Brookshire Ct. where family members argued. A woman said she confronted her brother-in-law about his son "behaving in an inappropriate manner to her kids and other children in the neighborhood." When she sent him a video of the incident, the man reportedly came to her house, beat on the door and yelled at her in front of her kids. She said it appeared he'd been drinking.


Another arrest recently made by the BPD included:

•Richard Joseph Kadlecek, 54, 1316 Nathan Mauldin Dr., Lawrenceville — driving under the influence (DUI)-alcohol. Kadlecek was stopped by a Barrow County deputy after he was seen honking his horn, tail-gating another vehicle and flashing the vehicle's high-beam headlights at the vehicle. He reportedly appeared intoxicated and admitted to drinking. He was arrested after refusing a field-sobriety and breath tests.


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